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Joomla and work­ing with design agencies

Joomla and working with design agenciesI have worked with sev­eral design agen­cies over the last cou­ple of years. Agen­cies some­times con­tact me because their client wants a new design and have decided that they want to con­tinue using Joomla or have checked Joomla out and think it is ideal for their needs.

I will present you with a short case study where I worked with an agency in west Lon­don to help them cre­ate a new web­site for a large med­ical diag­nos­tics com­pany based in Harley Street.

The agency con­tacted me to ask if I would be inter­ested in help­ing them with a web­site as their client had specif­i­cally requested Joomla. The agency did not have any­one with the nec­es­sary skills on their books so they requested the ser­vices of a free­lancer such as myself.

We had the ini­tial meet­ing at their office in west Lon­don where the design was pre­sented and the objec­tives of the web­site planned out.

The design was in Adobe Pho­to­shop for­mat which, as you have prob­a­bly guessed, will not run in Joomla. Each ele­ment of the design had to be spliced and incor­po­rated into css files to give the site the look and feel that their client required. Every­thing had to be pixel per­fect on the con­ver­sion from the design.

Once we had the tem­plate fin­ished , the func­tion­al­ity of the web­site was the next job. This involved cre­at­ing menu struc­tures and mod­ules to place on the cor­rect menu items.

The web­site nav­i­ga­tion was com­plex so the agency cre­ated a PDF file of the design with all the rel­e­vant menus link­ing to the cor­rect pages so it was easy to refer back to when I needed to know where some­thing needed to be links.

Over­all the project took around ten days to com­plete and you can see the results here.

I am cur­rently work­ing with another Lon­don based design agency to re-​brand and cre­ate a new web­site for Ire­land based char­ity, Mov­ing Moun­tains. We have had the ini­tial design con­sul­tancy meet­ing with the char­ity and the agency and we are hop­ing to sign off the design next week. Then the com­plex techy part starts.….

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