Blackhill Brewery Launch

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I have been working hard this week to provide County Durham based micro Brewery, Blackhill Brewery, with a new website to replace the one page place holder that they were previously using.

The proprieter, Chris Graham, is a former miner and decided to open up a Brewery to offer 'Real Ales from the coal mines' and supplies around ten pubs in the north east of England and a number of pubs and festivals across the country.

The design was inspired by time I spent in County Durham in my late teens, 


The website was designed by myself and sits on a Helix 3 framework.  This is the first time we have used Helix 3 and it is both customisable and easy to use.  A huge improvement on the previous version which was both buggy and a little cumbersome. In theory you can make a pretty decent template design with little knowledge of CSS but for those more advanced programmers, it offers a option where you can input CSS overrides which negates having to make changes to the CSS files on the server files.

The website is of a minimalistic design which uses images and colours to reflect the area and it's heritage. It's active parts are a stockist list which can also display a map of all the stockists in the area and a portfolio of beers that the brewery produce. 

The website can be seen here