SE24 Media can offer Joomla training by Skype across the UK and Europe. We tailor our courses to your technical knowledge so we can either train in plain English or take a more technical approach depending on how comfortable you feel.

For each training session we will set up a brand new Joomla install for you to work on or we can use an install you already have. The great thing about Skype is we can start a screen share, watch what you are doing and instruct or we can take a more hands on approach by taking control with your mouse. 

This course is also available using TeamViewer.

We also offer the option of training at your office or work space for an additional charge. 

The Essential course offers training covering the following subjects:

  • Working with modules
  • Working with articles and pages
  • Working with components
  • Working with plugins
  • Working with menus
  • Essential security tasks to keep your site safe
  • Template css and module position changes

The course can be tailored to your needs so when booking please inform us of additional areas you wish to us to cover. 

On completion of the course, the delegate will be able to maintain and run a Joomla website to a high standard.

We also offer a more advanced course for more technical people which includes some or all of:

  • Setting up a Joomla install from scratch
  • Setting up and designing a template
  • Post installation tasks and essential components and plugins
  • Advanced security
  • Setting up an online shop

If you do not see what you would like to learn above, please contact us and we will tailor a course to your requirements.


Joomla hacked?

If your Joomla website has been hacked we can restore your website.

We will unhack your website and put security measures into place to ensure it will not happen again. We will also sign you up to an alert service to let you know by email if there is a critical security patch out.

We can offer the following services:

If your Joomla website has been hacked we can reset the admin password and get you into the back end

If your Joomla website has been hacked and defaced we can get rid of the defacement and restore the origional page.

When Joomla websites are hacked the hacker can often leave malicious code. We can clear this up.

We can install backup software so if your Joomla Site gets hacked again you can restore the website to how it was when you did your last back up.

We can let you know if Joomla release any critical updates in future and keep your site updated for you.

Cost will depend on how much damage has been done to the website but as an example, a simple clear up and code check starts at £190. We can help customers from both the UK and abroad and in most cases have your website back up and running with additional security in 24 hours.

Please contact us for an assessment on your website. We offer a no fix no fee price.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a powerful way of increasing your page rankings and build a following for your website. 

With Twitter we can add 'Tweet' buttons to your articles and a Tweet will be created and all of your followers will see it. Then they can 'retweet' it to their follows so you can have your article in front of thousands of people within a couple of hours.

With Facebook we can set up a 'page' for your article and put a 'Share' button at the bottom of your Articles.  The article will automatically appear on your Facebook page and all the members of your page can also share it. Again it is possible for your article to be seen by thousands of people within a few hours.

All you have to do is write an article yo share it on your preferred social networking platform.

Obviously we need to get you a following. This is started by putting a Facebook and/or Twitter  icon on your website which links through to your accounts. The visitor can then Click 'Follow' on Twitter or 'Like' on Facebook and you have your following.  Your 'tweets' or 'likes' will then appear in their feed when they log on and they can then click through to your article.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only ones, there are many more out there which work in a similar way and each one has a difference audience.

If you have an existing website and need some help in getting onto the social networking scene, please give us a call. All new sites we build have this built in if you require it.


I started using Joomla when it was on Version 1.0.  Looking back it has come on a long way.  It transitions to Joomla 1.5 which was a major upgrade and has now transitioned to Joomla 3.0 which was released late 2014.


Joomla 1.0 was good for it's time but slow and clunky, Joomla 1.5 improved a lot, Joomla 2.5 a massive improvement and 3.0 is a pleasure to work with.

This was also a major upgrade with a rewriting of the system from the ground upwards. Unfortunately, Joomla has stopped supporting Joomla 1.5 and 2,5 and it will leave the site vulnerable to security risks in the future and they stopped supporting 1.0 a long time ago.

Now is a good time to upgrade your site to the brand new version and the good news is that any furture upgrades can be done with the click of a button.  

Upgrades are recommended immediately if you run shopping software or any other storage of personal data. Security fixes will no longer be issued for joomla 1.5 which will leave your site vulnerable to hacking.

There are many websites that let you design your own website on screen using templates. Unfortunately you do not have much control over them when they are complete.

We can provide a low cost solution using one of thousands of ready made website templates for the fraction of the cost of having a custom website built and with the benefit of having a Content Management System behind them which future proofs your website and enables you to update content as and when you want.

We can use a template from our suppliers, Template Monster and customise it with your logos and corporate colours. We can also change the menu structures, the images and the content. I will deal with all of the technical aspect of getting the site live.

This is a practical and cost effective solution for small to medium sized businesses who want a smart and professional web presence. Two of our customers who have used templates are the International School of Linguists and Bright Green Environmental Services.

Some example templates can be found below



If you have any questions, need something fixing or you need a website building, please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible or call me on:

07547 275659