On the 25th May 2018, the European Union are bringing in new data protection laws that are intended to harmonise existing laws throughout the Union.  This will also affect UK based websites up until their withdrawal from the European Union and possibly beyond.

These laws will apply to your website if you have dealings with clients within the EU whether you are based there or not and failure to comply with the laws could leave you open to a large fine.

SE24 MEDIA can bring your website into compliance with the laws by installing and configuring software which will handle:

  • Cookie consent
  • The right to be forgotten
  • User data deletion
  • User data changes logs
  • User profile and data export
  • Privacy policy check boxes

To find out more about our service please call the number below or send us a message through our contact form.

Joomla websites are far less likely to get hacked than Wordpress websites but if you do not keep your system, components and plugins up to date, you are likely to get hacked sooner or later.

The most common form of hacking is the injection of PHP files into the website.  These are small scripts that can be used by the hacker to mass spam mail which likely results in your hosting company suspending your website. Another common forms of hacking are vandalism hacks where your front page has been changed or spam hacks where links to pharmaceutical companies are injected into your page

If you are unfortunate enough to get your website hacked we can take care of the clean up operation.

We will:

  • Remove all files that are not supposed to be there 
  • Remove SQL injections from pages
  • Restore your home page
  • Replace Joomla's core files
  • Test your site in a number of security scanners
  • Liaise with you hosting company to get your site back online
  • Changing database and FTP passwords
  • Remove 'this site may have been hacked' from Google's listings
  • Advice you how to keep your site safe and secure and/or offer you a maintenance contract so we can take care of all future security

For a quote or more information, please contact us using the form below

Please find below the approximate prices for my services:

.Contracted rate.  Hourly rate for pre-agreed work.     .£39/hour 
.Emergency rate. Rate for emergency work outside an agreed work schedule.   .£79/hour
.Weekend and bank holiday rate   .£110/hour
.Migration from Joomla 1.0/1.5/2.5 to 3.7x   .From  £900.
.Joomla security update with full back up and testing   .£79
.Installation of back up software and back up of site   .£79
.Joomla security review and back up   .£150
.Website de-hack and clean up   .£350
.Website design    
.Up to five page Joomla website for small companies using one
.of our bespoke templates
.......  .£450
.Custom design and installation of varying components for larger




Paying a few hundred or a few thousand pounds for a locely new website would, in an ideal world, just be that.  It does not work that way unfortunately becasue search engines like Google and Bing have a very clever way of judging the enthsiam and high regard the website owners hold for their sites and how much relevent and new content they are willing to engage their visitors in.

If you website is just for the fact that your company needs a website for infromation and directign potential clients towards, that is fine. if you are looking for new buiness fro the web, a couple of hours a week can work wonders.

If a website does nt have any social media backup you are risking minimal people seeing anything new that is posted up.   A twitter or Facebook icon on your page will increase your following. Even if you Tweet once a week or post a Facebook following every now and again will get you followers who see your updates  most times the log into the various platforms.

Blogginis a ggod way to zoom up the ranks of Google's mysterious algorythms for placing websites.  even a short blog once a week about something in your industry, anyances, a palce you have been or a review of a new product.  This can be Tweeted, and whilst you may not start out with many followers, you will increase them over time and then you pages will get tweeted and retweeted as time goes on,

It is a little time consuming and laborious for some people  but it not long before you see the benefits which include people contacting you and people leaving comments on your blog. This in turn leads to questions about your services or products and , providing they are happy with what they hear back, you will be top of their list.



If you have any questions, need something fixing or you need a website building, please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible or call me on:

07547 275659